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Welcome to Segna!


Head over to our Job documentation to have a quick look at our Pre-Built UI Components, and to see what our APIs can do!

Segna simplifies the process of importing data into your app. Instead of writing your own service to handle fundamental operations such as data transferring, schema mapping, and error/invalid data handling, you can simply plug Segna directly into your front-end and allows users to upload data in a few lines of code.

Segna provides complete flexibility in the way the upload is handled, and can also be configured on-the-fly programmatically. This means you can still provide your own custom solution that fits your unique product workflow, while benefiting from an intelligent service that handles the difficult parts of data importing.


There are two main concepts for using Segna - Pipelines and Jobs.


A Pipeline defines the set of actions to be performed on your data, such as how you want it to be renamed, transformed and cleaned. Building a Pipeline is a one-off configuration that is made through our Platform Portal.


A Job is a run through of data through a specified Pipeline. For data importing, every user upload or session is a Job. A Job can be run using our Pre-Built Components, which can be directly added to your frontend application, or through our Client Libraries and APIs.