⏱ This Quickstart should take approximately 6 minutes. Speedy! ⚡️

There are two main concepts for using Segna - Pipelines and Jobs.

  • A Pipeline defines the output schema of your data - what all uploaded input data will be transformed into. You can also specify the output destination of the data.
    Pipelines are configured through our Portal.

  • A Job is a run through of input data through a Pipeline. Every data import is referred to as a Job.
    Jobs are run through our Data Importer, or our APIs.

Quickstart Overview

This quickstart will go through two main steps:

  1. Pipeline Setup - Creating and Configuring a Pipeline.
  2. Data Importer Integration - Integrating the Data Importer into your app, which allows users to upload data (and run a Job) directly through the UI.


Don't worry, it really does take 6 minutes 😎 and the quickstart will take you through every step!

All you need to prepare is a React app - if you don't have one on hand, we suggest using Create React App to start a fresh project.