You can output the uploaded and processed data directly to a Firestore database.

The following details are required:

  • Credentials JSON - This the IAM account key for a service account on Google Cloud


You can generate the Credentials JSON by going to IAM & Admin -> Service Accounts -> then clicking on a service account that has access to your bucket. Go to keys and select "ADD KEY" to generate a new key.


You can add this connector on the Segna Platform on the connectors page or when creating a Pipeline. To connector can be added to the Pipeline as an output destination.

The data is outputted in the following format:

  "baseCollection": {
    "rowIndex1": {
      "colname1": "value",
      "colname2": 2,
      "colname3": 5.1,
    "rowIndex2": {
      "colname1": "value2",
      "colname2": 3,
      "colname3": 6.1,


  • baseCollection is the base collection where all your data will be stored
  • rowIndex1, rowIndex2 are the indices of the corresponding rows in your data

You can specify the baseCollection within Firestore when adding it to the Pipeline here:


You are also able to configure the baseCollection of the uploaded and processed file per upload/import on the job, either
using the Job API/Client Library or the Pre-Built Data Importer Component.